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Alamo Antaranga Newsletter
In 2023, KKS started to publish a periodic newsletter and named it as Alamo Antaranga. This newsletter was a brainchild of President Karthik Hulikunte. The idea was to provide a platform to the members to express themselves creatively in Kannada. In this part of the world, there simply aren't very many opportunities to write in Kannada. This Newsletter will provide a platform for members to write articles, travelogues, poems, essays, jokes, short stories, critiques, cartoons, drawings, and other forms of creative writing. We will also accept articles written in English by our young minds who may not be fluent in Kannada and are looking for opportunities to write beyond their academic work.
Articles to the newsletter can be emailed in the .doc or .docx formats to kuvempukannadasanghaofsa@gmail.com. Please ensure that the kannada fonts are rendered correctly prior to sending the email.
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